Stop Poaching Now! Engages Hollywood to Raise Awareness About Poaching.

Stop Poaching Now!

Posted on April 14, 2015Roxy

The poaching of elephants and rhinoceroses in Africa and Asia is a large-scale epidemic. Not only does this cruel and inhumane activity end the life of some of the most amazing animals, but it also leaves orphaned babies in its wake. Often, the mothers are slaughtered right in front of their offspring. All of this just to sell ivory from the tusks and horns, teeth and other body parts of these murdered creatures.

Dylan McDermott

And the Hollywood community is standing up for these hunted animals. Heidi Jo Markel, movie producer and founder of Stop Poaching Now!, has rallied some of her friends in the entertainment world to raise their voices about this issue so others will listen and try to put an end to poaching once and for all.

Zyika the tiger

And the kick-off event for this nonprofit was all about the animals. Heidi threw a Jungle-to-Safari picnic at her home in Laurel Canyon. And it was a day of family fun, including a veggie picnic donated by Coral Tree Cafe, and an opportunity to meet Zyika, an endangered white tiger. The party was attended by animal lovers such as Dylan McDermott, Maria Bello and Spencer and Peyton List.Guests sipped Hint Water and enjoyed Sabra Hummus while listening to the impact that poaching has had on these animals.

Maria Bello

My husband and I even brought our baby daughter to the event to start educating her about this important cause. After all, education and action are the only ways that we will be able to stop this horrible practice. Click here to learn more about Stop Poaching Now! and how you can help.


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